Meet Saab At NAMEXPO 2013

Saab will be participating in the first edition of NAMEXPO, the first premier Navaland Maritime Exposition & Conference, which is scheduled for September 23-27 at Cochin Port Trust, Kerala.

The company will present to visitors a spectrum of naval products at NAMEXPO on stands E57 and E58 covering the air, surface, under water and coastal security domains that provide Naval forces complete command over the seas. Saab’s portfolio of products being presented at NAMEXPO includes the Sea Gripen, 9LVSAT, 9LV CMS, 9LV FCS, AUV 62 MR SPURT, Sea Giraffe, Saab 340 MSA, Naval training and AIS.

Saab is the chief sponsor for NAMEXPO 2013, an event that has support from the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Government of Kerala as well as Ministries of MSMEs, Earth Sciences and Shipping of the Government of India. Saab speakers will also be addressing various conferences. Saab has also launched its dedicated site:, a virtual space that will carry updates from Saab on its naval portfolio and reports from NAMEXPO.

Saab India Country Chairperson Lars-Olof Lindgren says, “Saab is delighted to participate in India’s first premier Naval and Maritime Expo. This event is a good forum for us to meet with the relevant stakeholders in the naval domain. NAMEXPO2013 will be an opportunity to meet Indian stakeholders from government, defence forces and the Coast Guard and to initiate discusions. The main theme for Saab for this NAMEXPO is Teaming Up With India on Naval Systems. We believe that partnership is the way forward to work in India and to be able to fully support the market. We already have entered into partnerships with Indian industry to address the naval domain and we are looking forward to further strengthening our engagement with the Indian naval forces and industry”.


A Premier Naval and Maritime Exposition and Conference in partnership with Government of Kerala with support from the Indian Navy, Coast Guard as well as Ministries of MSMEs, Earth Sciences and Shipping of the GoI. The NAMEXPO ( ) is aimed to expand the vendor base of Indian Navy and getting the latest technology and manufacturing advancements in association with similar industries in other parts of the world.