Future-Prepared R60 VDES Base Station

R60 VDES Base station


The R60 VDES Base Station is the latest generation base station from Saab designed for fixed shore and offshore installations. Enabling backwards compatibility with the well-known R40 AIS Base Station, the R60 offers support for the new VDES standard and a range of powerful new features.

The VDES standard – “next generation AIS” – is currently being finalized. It will be a powerful enabler for future e-navigation applications by supporting a significantly higher bandwidth than AIS, offering much better security and providing a higher level of integrity.


The R60 VDES Base Station is VDES compliant, which initially means embedded support for both traditional AIS as well as the new ASM channels (Application Specific Messaging, on separate additional channels). It is also fully prepared for adaption to the new VDE channels support as defined by the ITU VDES recommendation and the IALA guideline for VDES.

Saab was the first company ever to gain a type approval for an AIS product and has for many years been a pioneer in the development of AIS and a major supplier of AIS base stations. We also have the firm ambition to stay at the forefront of the new VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) technology.


When fully deployed, VDES will provide a truly global coverage through a two-way satellite communication link being part of the standard.