The Saab Australia Story

Investing in Australia's future for over thirty years


Saab Australia has developed advanced defence, security and civil aviation systems in Australia for thirty years. As Australia’s most experienced defence system company, we employ over 320 systems engineers and subcontract work to more than 200 local companies. Our intuitive real-time command and control, command support, security and surveillance, and air traffic management systems are designed to adapt to today’s rapidly changing defence and security challenges. Our thinking edge pushes the boundaries, breaks convention and allows us to develop clever solutions that keep people and society safe. 


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Company Profile

Based in Adelaide, Saab Australia is the Defence, Security and Traffic Management solutions provider specialising in computer based command and control systems.


Working at Saab, you'll be involved in leading-edge software development, producing high-technology applications that are world firsts. Working with leaders in the field, you'll have the chance to work on key, challenging projects.


Our latest image collections are published on Flickr where you can view and download images, wallpaper and digital posters for your personal use.