SAVIT - Small Weapons Indoor Trainer
Ground Combat Indoor Trainer

Small Weapons Indoor Trainer


The Ground Combat Indoor Trainer is a modular and scalable system that can be combined in several configurations to cover a variety of weapons including small arms and support weapons such as anti- tank weapons, including missiles. Main system features are the highly realistic and durable weapon replicas, the close-to-real-life virtual environment and the high accuracy.


Types of Training

GC IDT supports marksmanship training, initial combat training, combat training and judgmental training. In all types of training the feedback is generated instantly. In skills training, focusing on the procedural memory, repetitive training is performed and impacting variables are set to optimize the learning. By involving both the procedural memory and declarative memory in decision making training and combat training, decisions can be corrected directly and outcome from one decision can be measured and
compared by the outcome of another decision.

Target reactions

Both humans and vehicles in GC IDT has hit areas with different level of protection and correlating reaction when hit. By this decision making includes initial point of aim and decision of re-engagement.

OEM Trainers

Saab offers OEM trainers for Carl-Gustaf, AT4 and NLAW. The trainers fully correlate to customer’s configuration including type of sights and ammunition.

After Action Review

All events in the exercise are recorded for replay and after-action review.  The system automatically evaluates the engagements. Analysis is presented in different levels to enable both instant and deep analysis, depending on training objective.

Light conditions and visibility

Level of light and visibility is a product of the position of the celestial bodies, clouds, precipitation and particles such as smoke, all controlled by the instructor. Dynamic lighting creates realistic effects of e.g. drifting illumination including shadowing.