EMC and Electronic Environment

Saab has the expertise, experience and resources to work with EMC issues from the drawing board and advice to the verification of finished products. We offer tests on everything from electronic components, antennas and entire electronic systems for passenger cars, trucks, combat vehicles and aircraft. We also hold appreciated training courses within the EMC field, which helps the customer to understand what EMC is and how they design electronics systems from an EMC perspective.

Regardless of the product, its electronic systems must work together in the environment in which they are intended to be used. The systems should also not be disturbed by systems in other products or in turn interfere with them. This is known as EMC electromagnetic compatibility. Depending on the product and the application area, there are requirements in different standards that must be satisfied in order for the product to be sold and used. To know whether a product meets the requirements, its electronic systems are tested in a controlled environment, a shielded enclosure, where the electrical and electromagnetic environments are controlled.

The Saab Group has vast experience of EMC and electrical environmental issues. As the first in Sweden to become an accredited supplier in the field, we naturally work with advice, design support and development testing as well as with verification testing. Saab has the expertise and resources to carry out verification testing according to more than 100 electrical environmental standards, of which we are accredited for forty or more. We also have resources in EMF (electromagnetic fields), RÖS / Tempest (compromising signals) and shielding measurements. You can find us at six different locations in Sweden and we have customers all over the world.

In a nutshell: We are an EMC and electrical environment specialist and we understand the customer's needs.

Accreditation is an independent recognition for quality and competence. Saab is accredited by SWEDAC for a range of test methods in the EMC field.


The EMC laboratory in Östersund became accredited in 1992 with the accreditation number 1253. This was the first EMC test laboratory in Sweden to become accredited. Saab Surveillance in Mölndal became an accredited EMC test site in 2007.

Accreditation (in Swedish)