Keeping people and society safe from maritime threats

Surveillance operations in the maritime domain are often complicated and demanding. Sometimes the threat is invisible and the environment more than dynamic. You simply need an edge to stay ahead. Get to know the Swordfish Maritime Patrol Aircraft in different operational scenarios.

The threats and challenges are evolving and ever-changing, and all with their own unique set of circumstances. Quieter submarines, opportunist piracy and border violations must be effectively combated to ensure the safety of people and society, and it’s not an easy task to choose the best tool for the mission as each scenario is different with its own set of requirements. This situation is typical for Saab’s problem solving approach and our vision to keep people and society safe. By applying our long experience within the maritime segment together with our renowned development and integration capabilities within the airborne ISR area, we have put together a multi-role Maritime Patrol Aircraft platform, we call it Swordfish MPA. Equipped with the latest in sensor technology it’s flexible and able to fulfil many different operational scenarios, with the ultimate mission of achieving superior maritime domain awareness.

Mission:  Maritime ISR

To fully know what is out there one must be there. The Swordfish MPA can arrive on task and quickly raise a local maritime picture by using its 360 degree AESA radar, supported by other sensors such as AIS. Soon after, the next generation command and control system – the nerve-centre of the aircraft – will support the operators by giving an intelligent level of automation and support, meaning that the decision making process is more efficient and the target of interest can be located more easily. The comprehensive communications suite means that mission critical information can be sent back to the Air Operations Centre real-time, ensuring that an accurate and up to date sea picture is readily achieved and distributed to everyone who needs it.

Mission:  Search & Rescue

By nature Search & Rescue operations can be both life threatening and time critical. Sometimes occurring many miles from land, the ability to reach an area quickly combined with the carriage of specialist stores, can be the difference between life and death. This is when the Swordfish MPA is deployed.

Once the target has been located using radar, electro-optics or even visually by an operator using the large observer windows, the aircraft will position to drop life-saving equipment if required. Equipped with an array of communications, Swordfish MPA can take airborne command and control of large-scale incidents, coordinating on-scene rescue assets whilst interfacing with shore-based agencies.

Mission:  Anti-Submarine Warfare

Modern day, super-quiet submarines make the job of searching, locating and tracking all the more difficult. Armed with the latest in acoustics technology, together with a significant sonobuoy and torpedo payload, Saab’s Swordfish MPA is ready to resolve the situation. Either by reporting, intervening or like in any other scenario, take full on-scene command and act as communication central whilst still tracking the target. Being a company that builds the next generation AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) submarine, Saab understands the demands of modern day Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Maritime Patrol takes place in a complex and dynamic environment, by using our thinking edge Saab offer innovative products and solutions, helping safeguard people and society by achieving Superior Maritime Domain Awareness.


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