TactiCall service When support is mission critical


Whether you’re a commander in the field, an offshore operations specialist, or a communications expert with the border patrol or civil rescue services, the success of your missions and day-to-day operations depends on your ability to share mission-critical information via communication anywhere, any time and under any circumstances.

TactiCall is our solution for operational communication needs, but at Saab, communication means everything – with tailored, cost-effective and flexible support services equally important as your TactiCall hard- and software.


Services you can rely on

Saab Service for TactiCall makes sure you have access to helpdesk support, technical training, vital spare parts, repairs, documentation, and updates the minute you need it. It can even cover third-party products, such as headsets, radios and PA systems.


The benefit? Maximum uptime and reliable lines of communication throughout the life-cycle of your TactiCall system.