Saab launches "Enhanced Locator Services"

Saab has today launched support for next generation locator services within its Unified Command and Control Solution, SAFE.

SAFE’s Locator Service module has been designed to deliver extended capabilities that provide organisations the ability to locate callers, staff, resources and other assets, more efficiently and with greater accuracy.
In addition to the currently supported telephony based location services (Automatic Mobile Location), SAFE now supports what3words, a global addressing system that allows any precise 3 x 3m location to be communicated easily - using just three dictionary words.  Emergency services around the world are increasingly using what3words: it's helping them to locate people faster and pass incident locations quickly and accurately to assigned resources and partner emergency agencies. 

Integrating this capability within SAFE, provides users with a streamlined process workflow for map based location identification, within existing contact and incident records, including full auditing capabilities all within SAFE’s single user interface. 

SAFE’s locator services are being enhanced further with optional location based services, watch this space for the next enhancements coming soon…….