Precise Navigation and Docking Aid ADX XR Lite Portable Pilot Unit

Lightweight, easy to set up Portable Pilot Unit system with accurate Heading, Rate of Turn and Speed. The perfect tool for the pilot’s daily tasks.


For centuries pilots performed a challenging task using their senses and in-depth local knowledge. With the lightweight ADX XR Lite in the backpack, the pilots have a sixth sense available at a reasonable cost.

ADX XR Lite is a wireless PPU, Portable Pilot Unit, system that communicates with the Pilot's portable ECS system via standard wireless technology. The complete system comprises only three small, light, ruggedized POD units, making it ideal for transportation and operation under various conditions.

The ADX XR has been designed in accordance with the POADSS concept (Portable Operational Approach and Docking Support System), which was developed under the european Marnis project.


The ADX XR Lite is offered in 4 different versions, depending on the required positioning computation mode:

  • GPS/GLONASS uncorrected
  • DGPS via SBAS
  • DGPS via UHF