SAFE Unified command, control and communication


Any safety-critical operation requires tools that really help. SAFE is the world's most advanced and yet easy-to-use unified control-room software. 

There is one thing common for all types of complex and safety-critical operations like emergency response, prisons, airports or similar. That is the need for an aiding system combining and unifying all desired capabilities in an uncomplicated, legible and logical workflow.

SAFE is Saab's unified control-room solution for any environment that needs centralised command, control and communication. Or decentralised, for that matter; with SAFE, any user in the system can potentially be in central command.

SAFE leaves the competition behind in the world of "siloed solutions", providing the fully integrated unified experience of the future. SAFE is designed to empower users to make more informed decisions faster.

True control-room efficiency can be spelled with four letters: SAFE.