Secure multi-purpose cloud Egira

Swedish secure multi-purpose cloud

Egira is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based cloud platform that is robust, secure and scalable. Based on container technology, Egira is the digital infrastructure in hybrid or on-premises data centres.

The Egira stack is built with secure component selection from the cloud native landscape, secure integration and it has a system architecture aligned with a modern digital security doctrine. Egira will be rolled out during 2020.

Hosted private cloud

Container as a service-based system. All hardware accessible is dedicated to you as the sole client.


Block storage available with role-based access control. 


This offering is tailored to the client with the highest security needs. With Egira you can host your own system, giving you full control over the cloud stack in your own IT-operations. A trustworthy container platform for your business-critical applications.


Egira offers unique advantages to clients requiring an in-country controlled cloud:

  • High-security sites
  • Security cleared personnel
  • Stable ownership