Airport Surface Surveillance Capability ASSC


Saab is delivering advanced surface monitoring capabilities to nine airports, including updated multilateration technology and a new wireless sensor communication infrastructure.


In addition to improving safety through runway incursion prevention, the quality of the ASSC data resulting from the fusion of multiple surveillance sources enables decision support for:

  • Positive correlation of flight plan information with aircraft      position on controller display.
  • Seamless surveillance coverage of the airport from arrival      through departure;
  • Elimination of blind spots and coverage gaps; and
  • Highly accurate, high update surveillance enabling:
    • situational awareness even in inclement conditions
    • conflict detection and resolution

Following the success of the ASDE-X program that covers 35 airports in the USA, the FAA decided to extend the technology to nine additional airports: Anchorage, Andrews Air Force Base, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Cleveland, Kansas City, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Portland, Ore and San Francisco.


The ASSC system deployment includes multilateration sensors, data fusion, conflict detection and alerting, and the same HMI already in use at the 35 ASDE-X sites.