Remote Tower Transformation of air traffic services


  • Per Ahl
    Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions
    Email Phone +46 73 4374479

Remote Tower solutions provide a smarter approach to air traffic control by digitising and integrating airport functions. Whether that airport is an international hub, a small regional airport or a new airport, we offer effective solutions that improve safety and operational efficiency.

New technology opens new possibilities. By introducing a completely digitalized panoramic view, a new world of aerodrome control emerges. Saab and the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider, LFV, have successfully collaborated to put world’s first Remote Tower into operation.

In 2016, a joint venture was founded between Saab and LFV; Saab Digital Air Traffic solutions.


Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions leverages Saab’s innovative and technological leadership paired with LFV’s operational expertise.

Ultimately, this team will drive market development of Remote Towers and transform the provision of Air Traffic Services.


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