Saab Sensor Systems Germany

Saab’s German operations stand for high-tech expertise in signal processing and analysis in the areas of COMINT, C-ESM and information fusion. 

Saab Sensor Systems Germany provides full solutions for communications Electronic Support Measures (ESM), where contributions to tactical situation pictures and for situational awareness are produced and strategic communications intelligence (COMINT), where signal collection and in-depth analysis is applicable.

Saab Sensor Systems Germany provides systems for direction finding and geo-location based on radio signal analysis. A variety of tools are also available for demodulation and decoding of radio signals.

Information fusion systems are used to generate knowledge, as it is needed, for example within ESM systems, or from a leadership request. This includes collecting data from sensors and database sources, and it allows the analysts to work on a unified data base and creatively on big data.


Saab Sensor Systems Germany is located in Nuremberg and belongs to Saab's business area Surveillance. Saab employs 14,000 people worldwide.