Realism: a must for all live training

The individual, whether a soldier or a commanding officer, is the centerpiece of modern warfare – and, consequently, in all modern training. And live training is all about experiencing combat realism in advance.

We believe that realistic training is the most important prerequisite for mission efficiency. It is vital that soldiers get the maximum effect from their training and feel confident in the tasks they are about to take on, and this can only happen when training scenarios are as close to the real operation as possible. provides instant, accurate feedback that is so crucial to the learning process at all levels.

"Our systems can be used for training at all levels, from individual, squad, and platoon level up to and beyond brigade combat team level," says Hans Lindgren, Saab's Vice President of Marketing for Training and Simulation. "It’s important that each individual get the correct training, not just the larger groups."

Saab's latest training systems allow mortar teams to participate as part of the live training, which is a unique feature.

Past generations of soldiers were largely unable to train with realism. There was no digital technology, no evaluation tools, and no way to communicate beyond the speaking range. With time, better training methods developed – and today, realistic training is one of the cornerstones to successful missions.