Partnership with Atlantic Council enhances Saab’s regional defense knowledge and trans-Atlantic relations

Saab North America President and CEO Michael Andersson at an Atlantic Council Commander Series event

Saab's growth strategy in North America includes developing strong partnerships with leaders of the U.S. defense and security sector. In that spirit, our company has engaged with the Atlantic Council, a bipartisan international affairs think tank, for over ten years. Based in Washington, D.C., the Atlantic Council's mission is to have an impact on U.S. defense and security policy.

Saab's partnership with the Atlantic Council spans numerous programs, primarily the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security. Saab produces the Scowcroft Center's Commanders Series, a speaker series for military leadership to discuss their priorities and responsibilities with media, industry representatives, policymakers, ambassadors and defense attachés.

Saab also participates in the Center's various panel discussions and seminars on trends within the U.S. defense industry. Recently, Saab North America President and CEO Michael Andersson was a panelist for one of the Atlantic Council's Captains of Industry Series events; the discussion centered on foreign-owned companies in the U.S. defense market.

Collaborating with the Atlantic Council plugs Saab into dialogues with national-level decision makers. The partnership is a natural avenue to meet with and gather insights from defense leadership in industry and government

Additionally, the Atlantic Council's focus on trans-Atlantic relations highlights Saab North America's Swedish-American link. It is yet another platform for Saab to cultivate industrial and national connections on both sides of the ocean.

Saab is proud to collaborate with the Atlantic Council, and looks forward to many more years of partnership. We are grateful for the opportunity to grow, both as a profitable, reliable company and as a thought leader in the global defense and security sector.


Several members of Saab's senior leadership sit on Atlantic Council boards. Håkan Buskhe, President and CEO of Saab AB, and Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of Saab AB's owner, Investor AB, are both on the International Advisory Board. Mr. Andersson serves on the Board of Directors; Henrik Liljegren, former Swedish Ambassador to the U.S. and longtime political advisor at Saab, is a Lifetime Director.