U.S. Market Insights Enterprise Command & Control Platforms for Better Decision Making

Complex and rapidly unfolding emergencies and crises create challenging environments for emergency responders of all types to save lives, support critical functions, and restore essential services. Command center operators and front line personnel must coordinate with the government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations to understand what is occurring, diagnose an emerging situation, and respond appropriately. These situations, which are often clouded with uncertainty, particularly in the early phases due to unsubstantiated information, require a fast-acting chain of critical decision making.

Effective coordination and communication is crucial to an emergency response team. This can be achieved through an enterprise command and control software platform that connects and integrates previously stove-piped information streams into one user-friendly interface. Connecting CCTV, communication systems, building management systems, access control, social media monitoring, CBRNE sensor systems, and resource management systems will enable timely communications, a higher degree of information sharing within and between organizations, and an improved foundation for decision making.

Enterprise command and control platforms must be designed for day-to-day event management and for major event management. When seconds matter, operators and response teams cannot afford to lose time switching to crisis-specific platform or systems. Staff must become proficient and confident in their use of the system by employing it during day-to-day routines, not during the heightened stress levels that accompany an actual crisis.

Saab's SAFE platform is a flexible enterprise command and control solution for any type of organization with mission critical operations and responsibilities. SAFE provides superior situational awareness and configuration capabilities. This means optimized workflows, increased efficiency, and a higher level of safety and security. Events, roles and responsibility areas, and action plans are processed and communicated with ease through SAFE's secure and configurable design. Additionally, the system's modularity supports easily added (or removed) functionality to a system already up and running.

Emergency response teams face enough stress when they are addressing a crisis. Coordination and communication software platforms shouldn't add to that stress. With Saab's SAFE solution, their focus can remain where it should be: on supporting infrastructure and saving lives.

Jesper Gronvall
Director of Business Development, Civil Security Systems
Saab North America

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