Saab launches NG Carl-Gustaf M4 at AUSA

Görgen Johansson, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Dynamics, hosted a customer and partner event at the Saab AUSA exhibit booth to announce the launch.

Before an audience of approximately 60 employees and guests, Mr. Johansson reviewed the system's improved features and expressed confidence in its capabilities. Saab also briefed the media on its newest product.

"The Carl-Gustaf M4 represents an evolution in the capabilities of infantrymen," said Mr. Johansson. "The world's soldiers are facing increased challenges, and our system provides the flexibility to adapt to numerous battlefield scenarios."

The new Carl-Gustaf M4 has been designated as the M3A1 MAAWS by the United States. It is designed to provide users with flexible capability and to help troops remain agile in multiple scenarios. Weighing 15 pounds, it is lighter than its predecessor by seven kilos; this allows for it to be carried while loaded for reduced action time. Additionally, it features improved ergonomics for better comfort and adjustability, as well as compatibility with intelligent sight systems and a round counter for easier maintenance. As a multi-role weapon system, this latest model provides flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types.

The system's predecessor, the M3, has long been in service with the U.S. Army Rangers and has been employed by every U.S. Special Operations Force in the U.S. military. Versions of the system are in service with more than 40 nations globally.

Saab plans to continue development of the Carl-Gustaf system. Future complementary improvements to this new formidable system will include development of smart programmable ammunition, advanced sighting systems, and expanded confined space capabilities.