The brain of the RBS15 missile


Adverse weather, civilian vessels and a widening conflict scenario – the challenges facing forces in the littoral environment are increasingly complex. In response to this, we have developed the RBS15 anti-ship missile. Equipped with a true all-weather target seeker, and operational from sea, land and air, it empowers forces to strike with confidence – whatever gets thrown at them.

Over the years, anti-ship missiles have evolved to better answer today’s challenges. However, as the complexity of the environment increases, so too does the need for fail-safe reliability. Forces are now focusing on systems that are not only effective but flexible, and able to pinpoint and engage their target in any conditions.

With 70 years’ history in the field of anti-ship missiles, our business is ideally placed to deliver a future-proof solution. Jointly produced with our partner Diehl BGT Defence, the RBS15 missile benefits from decades of Swedish and German expertise and testing.

“The RBS15 family is designed to dominate the challenging littoral environment,” explains Michael Höglund, Head of Marketing and Sales, Business Unit Missile Systems at Business Area Dynamics. “Our in-depth understanding of the technology, and of our customers’ changing needs, has resulted in a system that is smart, reliable and adaptable.”

Balancing resolution and range

Key to RBS15’s outstanding reliability is its state-of-the-art active radar target seeker. The ‘brain’ of the missile, the target seeker has been developed over the decades to deliver a market-leading combination of resolution and long-range detection.

A very high resolution aids the discrimination of countermeasures, and enables precise tracking and identification of targets amongst islands and other clutter. However, the seeker operates at a low enough frequency (unlike infrared and electro-optical seekers, which operate at very high frequencies) to search over very long distances – even in rain or fog.

This true all-weather capability is essential in the littoral environment, where the weather can turn very quickly, and where speed, stealth and power mean very little if your target seeker is not equipped for adverse conditions.

Operating in denied environments

On the modern battlefield, being able to operate effectively without support systems is indispensable – particularly in the case of conflicts with closely matched adversaries where electronic warfare can render them useless.

RBS15 has been designed to thrive in this scenario. It can find and engage targets independently, without relying on global navigation satellite systems or data links. In addition, a range of advanced strategies are available to counter jamming techniques.

“Saab’s in-house radar experience is second to none,” says Michael Höglund. “However, although it’s an incredibly important component, it’s not just about the target seeker – from the hardware to the algorithms and signal processing, it’s about the system as a whole, and how we leverages our expertise to put the whole thing together in a way that’s perfectly designed for its environment, down to the very last detail.”

With world-leading technology, through-life support and the ability to tailor the system to specific requirements, our RBS15 customers are able to defeat any threat. In all conditions.