Giraffe 1X flexible protection for mobile forces

For mobile forces out in the battlefield, air situational awareness is critical. The threat can consist of rockets, mortar, unmanned aerial systems, missiles or asymmetric attacks from terrorist groups. Saab’s lightweight, compact Giraffe 1X can be handled by one single operator.

Providing reliable protection for the forces and assets is even more important in high-risk situations. This requires a flexible and agile radar which can be located close to the combat area. Saab’s Giraffe 1X is lightweight, with a total weight of less than 150 kg and is designed for easy integration on any type of platform. This means that the complete radar can be transported on a pickup truck-sized vehicle, a helicopter or towed on a trailer. Its flexibility and compactness mean Giraffe 1X can be easily relocated even by means of manpower only. For example from a vehicle to the rooftop of a building, making it ideally suited to the rapidly changing needs of mobile forces.

Giraffe 1X can be operated both remotely and locally, and it can either be installed permanently on a building or mast or integrated into a suitable vehicle. Saab’s unique and proven enhanced low, slow and small (ELSS) capability also provides a dedicated counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) feature. Giraffe 1X is a 3D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, featuring the latest in radar technology, including Gallium Nitride (GaN) circuits.

Giraffe 1X forms part of of Saab's Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) solution – comprising the Giraffe 1X, C2 and RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon System (RWS) it enables moving units to identify and counter air threats quickly and effectively.

The MSHORAD solution is designed to complement existing defence by filling the gaps in long-range radar coverage created by terrain obstacles. It acts as a protective shield, scanning the battlefield to find and identify a threat, then coordinating the necessary action to remove the target.

As an entire package, MSHORAD provides a solution that increases survivability and supports domain sovereignty in conflict zones.