Saab Attends Mortar Conference

It’s exhibition season in UK and once again Saab participated in the excellent Omega Mortar Conference in London. It was held in the prestigious former Royal Naval College at Greenwich and attracted a first class audience of military and civilian mortar experts, military users and industry. The audience was truly international with strong representation from NATO countries and many Saab customers.

Saab’s team was Christoph Leitner and Kai Schlegel from SBDS and Alexander Alderson from MA Country Unit UK and the centrepiece of our stand was the 60mm mortar simulator. It drew a lot of interest from the many conference participants. The presentations covered many aspects of mortar development and tactical usage of mortars in contemporary operations. There were many references to the possible re-emergence of state-on-state major combat operations and the challenges these would pose for countries who have been focussed on counter-insurgency for the last decade or so.

Many of the most interesting discussions were led by the smaller NATO countries who really do have to balance their capability investments very carefully. The feedback from them and many others was positive: the Saab mortar offer is attractive both in capability terms and price. That’s something for us to build on.

The Omega Mortar conference was a very successful event, well managed, well attended and it provided further insight into the market opportunities both in UK and our wider area of interest.


Best Regards

Alexander Alderson, Director Marketing and Sales Europe, Middle East & Africa