Compact Design And High Performance Offer Tailor-Made Solutions For Thailand

Saab has on offer a range of products for the Royal Thai Air Force, Army as well as the Marine Corps. The products include ERIEYE, Sea GIRAFFE AMB, Sea GIRAFFE AMB ER, ARTHUR and GIRAFFE AMB of which ERIEYE is already operational with Royal Thai Airforce and Sea GIRAFFE AMB and Sea GIRAFFE AMB ER are contracted but not yet operational.

The ARTHUR is being offered to the Royal Thai Army and the Marine Corps, both of which have a need for Weapon Locating Systems. The GIRAFFE AMB also has a large potential for Air Surveillance as well as Air Defense applications in the Royal Thai Air Force as well as the Royal Thai Army. For ERIEYE there is a potential for an upgrade to make the system autonomous so it can be used in a different role than today.

These products fulfill or perhaps even exceed the requirements of the Thai Armed Forces. Saab has high-end products with a unique combination of compact design and high performance. This when combined with the high reliability give extremely well suited solutions for the Thai customer.  Besides the attractive portfolio of products, Saab's partnership with Thai company AviaSatcom gives a much stronger local footprint with a very good understanding of the user’s needs, strong local support and local adaptions and integration.