Go For Glory - Take The Saab Commander Challenge

Defence and security company Saab brings to Thailand’s defence enthusiasts an opportunity to become a ‘Saab Commander’ by proving their mettle.

On the occasion of “Defense & Security 2013”, Saab presents a Quiz Combat that will test contender’s knowledge of the options available on the battlefield. The Quiz Combat will rank all those who pass the test by their level of all rounded excellence on the field. The battlefield sits on http://www.saabcommander.com/ to seek honors at three different levels: ‘Level Amateur’, ‘Level Professional’ and ultimately ‘Level Ace’.

Winners chosen by a computerised draw from all-correct answers will win merchandise that ranges from Saab memorabilia to Gripen mementoes and a host of other limited edition material.

The draw will also select a group of 3 winners from ‘Level Professional’ and ‘Level Ace’, who will be invited by Saab for a Full Day At Defence & Security 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, and will be given a rare opportunity to fly the Gripen simulator.

“Through the unique Saab Commander contest the Thai people will learn more about the complex technologies that make their defence and security both uncompromising and effective, and better appreciate the history of Swedish military technologies”, says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab Asia Pacific.

Saab views the Defense & Security 2013 Exhibition as an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase Saab technologies and to engage people.

“The Saab Commander challenge is an attempt to share information with the people of Thailand about our technologies, achievements and our systems in a fun way. There are many prizes to be won and, three of the winning contenders will get the rare opportunity to fly the Gripen simulator,” says Susanne Dalskog, Head of Communication, Market Area Asia Pacific.

Other prizes on offer include collectibles such as Gripen pins, USB cards, LED key rings, Gripen Mobile Phone Jewelry, Saab Caps, Brain Teaser Sets, Pens, Bottle Openers, Sport Bottles among others.

Quiz combatants can log in through Facebook and participate in the contest at any and each of the three levels – Level Amateur, Level Professional and Level Ace.

The Amateur, Professional and Ace level have 5 questions, all of which need to be answered correctly to make it to the pool of winners from which an automated draw will be done every week starting October 16th 2013. Prizes will be home delivered only to the winners of the lucky draw.