Partnership With Avia Satcom

At Saab, we recognize that a key factor in a beneficial partnership lies in the transfer of high technology in recognized key areas. The formation of long-term partnerships between Saab, our principal partners and local companies and institutions is therefore a prerequisite.

As part of technology transfer program, Saab entered into a Strategic partnership with AVIA Satcom by acquiring 37% ownership of the company. The cooperation with AVIA Satcom is in full operation since 2011. The industrial cooperation is supported by Thai Government through Thailand Board of Investment (BOI).

AVIA Satcom is Thailand's leading company in the area of advanced defence technology and it gives a lot of importance to research and development. It provides high-tech customized products and solutions to defence customers.

Saab’s partnership with AVIA Satcom is a key to increased engagement in Thailand. Saab, through AVIA Satcom is able to offer products and services by a local company, with locally developed technology and by local resources.

Saab is transfering technology and know-how to AVIA Satcom in areas of mutual interest like Tactical Data Link, Command & Control, UAV, Establishment of a local Support and Logistic Organization for Saab products in Thailand, SIGINT/COMINT/ELINT and Upgrade Programs e.g. Naresuan.

The Naval contracts awarded to Saab for retrofit of the H.T.M.S. Naresuan class frigates and H.T.M.S. Chakri Narubet have boosted the partnership significantly. These programmes include significant local content including software development, system integration, verification and test Installation and setting to work. All these are carried out by AVIA Satcom together with Saab.

The cooperation creates highly advanced job opportunities for Thai professionals.

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