Saab’s Tacticall Offers Seamless Single Interface Across Systems

Saab’s TactiCall system exhibited at the Platinum Edition (20th) of Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference, OSEA, at Singapore provides the Oil and Gas Industry a single communication interface across different systems in a region where multiple players, legacy systems, different operating environments and a wide array of radio frequencies are at play.

TactiCall connects different communication technologies regardless of radioband, frequency and hardware, thus eliminating the need for multiple, often bulky, user interfaces cluttering control rooms and reducing efficiency, overview and speed of operation. TactiCall is scalable from one to several operator positions or communication interfaces.Saab has provided TactiCall systems to more than 106 operator positions within oil and gas since 2011.

SouthEast Asia is becoming a global hotspot for Exploration and Production activities due to its attractive hydrocarbon reserves. With increasing focus on marginal fields, offshore deep-water fields and remote fields, there is a pressing need for communication connectivity for seamless operations and security of assets. With multiple players operating on different radio frequencies and hardware, it has become critical to have a single interface that can tap into all systems and resources.

“The TactiCall system received a lot of attention at OSEA due to its All Systems – One Interface abilities. Given the high degree of collaboration between the ASEAN countries, often the resources of more than one country and assets of companies located in different countries and operating in different environments are at play. The obvious advantages of the system resulted in much interest in knowing more about the product. We are confident that TactiCall will get adopted in the region just as it has become the standard for the Oil and Gas industry in a number of countries including Norway, Canada and UAE,” says Anders Dahl, Head of Saab Singapore.

TactiCall integrates third party equipment, legacy or new, protecting prior investments and prolonging the lifespan of older systems. TactiCall provides an intuitive and modern user interface for fast, secure and reliable operations within crisis management and daily operations alike.

“The conference was really valuable for Saab, and it has already led up to receiving a RFQ (request for information) and this shows us that Tacticall is very suitable for the Oil and Gas industry,” said Stefan Lindström, Director Marketing & Sales, Saab Asia Pacific.

TactiCall gives complete control of, and fast access to, all internalcommunication networks in your system, whether it is onshoreor offshore. Be it functional nets including telephony, public addresssystems, and entertainment systems and the like, or working nets handlingalarms, broadcasts and orders.TactiCall is highly flexible and scalable and can easily be integratedwith, or added to, existing working environment. Further, thesystem is platform independent and will integrate seamlessly into the management system of choice. 


In other words TactiCall lets the user controlall internal communication on its platform and with featuressuch as record and playback helps the user log and later analyse their communication flows.

Modern Day Oil & Gas drilling- and production platforms are not isolatedstructures. They, like the rest of society, are part of an intricatenetwork of both on- and offshore facilities. This infrastructure incorporateseverything from VHF to SATCOM technology utilizing a multitudeof different frequency bands, networks and radio equipment.TactiCall will integrate all these into one simple and easy to use solutionthat permits everybody to reach each other regardless of equipmentused. TactiCall allows key features for modern day operationslike: legacy- and sub system integration, telephony and every kind ofexternal radio solution to be integrated into one easy to use platformand provide the operator with a complete overview of all available channels.

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