Saab inspires graduates to learn more, achieve more

A new graduate programme at global defence and security company reaches hearts and minds.

Saab South Africa, a leading manufacturer and developer of services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security, introduced a graduate programme to identify and mentor graduates interested in entering the job market.

The programme, which focuses on teaching graduates a deeper understanding of business while being exposed to a high-level and driven environment, has already inspired and equipped a series of job seekers to enter the working environment with more confidence and experience.

Lesego Moeletsi, a B.Com graduate from WITS University, is currently completing a one-year internship at Saab South Africa’s headquarters in Centurion. For Moeletsi the programme has proved invaluable not just in terms of working experience, but the exposure it lends to other, wider fields. This, she says, will definitely increase her opportunities for employment when she completes the programme at the end of 2013.

“I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how business works, and it has inspired in me an entrepreneurial view and encouraged future business ideas,” says Moeletsi. She plans to embark on an entrepreneurial venture post-Saab.
Fellow graduate Mpho Koali, who finished her Senior Certificate last year, Moeletsi’s sentiment: “I definitely learn a lot (from the programme), it has increased my knowledge and it is empowering me – it is also fantastic working with different people.”
In addition to the programme’s inspirational and empowering benefits, Koali also reveals that the programme has given her a means to support her family at home – as she is the only one in the household who is currently employed.
Koali intends to commence studies in April – and, driven by what she has experienced at Saab, she adds, “and I will carry on studying until I get my PhD.”

Kea Merementsi is a Computer Engineering graduate from University of Pretoria, currently completing an internship at Saab Grintek Defence for a period of one year. The programme has been a true learning curve for Kea and this is how he expresses his experience: ʻʻI have learnt a great deal thus far as I have been able to assimilate what I have learnt during my degree programme and apply it in a working environment.” He further says, ʻʻI have wonderful mentors that have given me invaluable knowledge on the design and development of software.”

Kea aspires to work for the company after the duration of the internship because he believes that he can contribute positively towards the vision and mission of the company. He intends to study further for a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering within the near future.

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