Saab Extends Third Party Maintenance Support for Peacekeeping Initiatives in Africa

Saab Kenya Limited (Saab) has extended a contract to provide Third Party Maintenance (TPM) services to peacekeeping initiatives in Somalia over the next two years.

This extension follows an initial TPM contract - signed in 2010 - and sees Saab expanding its support services for peacekeeping teams beyond Mogadishu in Somalia.


 “Our work in Mogadishu has given us an intimate understanding of the conditions on the ground in Somalia, and we have adapted to the local environment to provide the best possible support to peacekeeping initiatives in the country,” says Håkan Ekvall, business development executive at Saab Kenya Limited.


Saab has provided vehicle maintenance support to peacekeeping forces in Mogadishu since 2010, as well as servicing and maintaining a wide range of generators and other machinery essential to the success of these missions.


Vehicles covered by the terms of the contract include trucks, buses, troop transport vehicles,

 soft-skin and armoured vehicles, as well as watercraft used in offshore peace missions.


Saab’s teams of maintenance crews are able to work with a broad variety of vehicle brands, adapting their skills to perform the services required regardless of the vehicle’s origin, and in response to the local conditions in which they and the vehicle are operating.


“At Saab, we believe that it’s a human right to feel safe – whether it’s in a global or local context. We’re honoured to further support the teams that work on making peacekeeping possible in Somalia,” Ekvall adds.



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