Saab's New Security Capability Demonstration Centre Creates an Environment for Customers to Experience Products First hand

Gone are the days where boardroom presentations are sufficient to communicate the features, advantages and benefits of a brand’s products. It is becoming increasingly necessary to create environments for customers to experience products first hand.

To this end, Saab Grintek Defence has established a new Security Capability Demonstration Centre at its premises in Highveld Technopark, Centurion, where customers can experience the company’s security offering for themselves.

The Security Capability Demonstration Centre (SCDC) consists of presentation and demonstration areas to showcase SGD’s advance security solutions, which include the Situational Awareness for Enhanced security, command, control, communications, computers and Intelligence (C4I) solution, TactiCall Integrated Communication Solution and Skeldar Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). By popular demand, Saab is already in the process of expanding this capability to include its Small Arms Virtual Indoor Trainer (SAVIT) solution.

SAFE (Situational Awareness for Enhanced security) is a modern solution designed to meet the ever-growing need for a holistic end-to-end view of the security and safety situation. It is based on a powerful command and control system and a highly advanced integration platform to provide the ideal core for managing all security requirements and improving operational efficiencies. This is achieved by integrating all subsystems into one coherent system and providing security and safety personnel with access to all available resources. The SAFE solution is flexible and scalable, allowing it to be used in different applications and to be deployed at different operational levels spanning from local to national.

TactiCall connects all communication platforms and networksinto one, easy-to-operate communication solution that puts users in control of all communication, both internally and externally. Built on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, TactiCall integrates into existing networking infrastructure and new costeffective IP networks, reducing the total cost of ownership. The solution is ideal for joint operations, which more often than not includes a multitude of different frequency bands, networks and radio equipment. TactiCall integrates all these into one simple and easy-to-use solution that allows everybody to reach each other regardless of equipment being used. No wonder TactiCall finds application in military as well as civilian use such as the protection of critical infrastructure and emergency response.

Skeldar is a ground-breaking short to medium-range unmanned aerial system that was developed by SGD for a wide range of land, maritime and civil applications. Depending on the application and payload, Skeldar can be utilised for anything from firefighting, civil security operations, aerial photography and Search & Rescue to reconnaissance, identification, mine detection and electronic warfare. Skeldar is easy to use and is based on a rotary wing design, making it possible to take off and land vertically, manoeuvre with accuracy in tight airspace and avoid dead angles. Skeldar operates autonomously and can be used to hover in the air for hours or survey large areas, without putting the crew at risk. This makes it the ideal solution for dull, dirty or dangerous tasks.

SAVIT is a modular system for skills and tactical training where trainees’ shooting abilities can be tested in different weather conditions and at any time of day. The terrain database is generic with typical environments such as urban, desert, jungle and sea. Customer-defined terrain databases can also be created, taking into account specific buildings, roads and other infrastructure as well as geographical similarities.

The SCDC is fully integrated with SGD’s demo Next Generation First Responder Vehicle. These vehicles are typically equipped with a mobile command and control system, navigation system, tracking system for automatic vehicle location, fleet management system, communication system and various cameras for video surveillance and automatic number plate recognition. The solution also allows for remote database access from the vehicles and the distribution of mission critical information to the vehicles. “At SGD we believe business is personal. We are therefore committed to remain a loyal partner to our customers. The new SCDC affords us a unique opportunity to engage with our customers on a personal level, to understand their needs and to demonstrate how our security offering can help them to optimise and enhance their operations”, says Killian Swift, Executive Manager and Head of Business Development: Security Portfolio.