Saab's Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Systems

SAAB’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence Systems are key elements in achieving a fully integrated joint CBRN defence operation, with the appropriate interagency and multinational activities.

SAAB CBRN offers Training & Simulation, Static, Soldier and Mobile Solutions. Each CBRN Vehicle or Soldier System will act as sensor nodes for early CBRN threat warnings.  As a sensor node, the system can work alone or as an integrated node in the Automatic Warning and Reporting (AWR) system. It will provide the HQ with analytical data for strategic decision making and the capability to confirm detection and sample evidence.

The Saab CBRN and AWR Systems are unique in that they integrate detection, identification, monitoring, warning and reporting, as well as also provide a consolidated threat picture to the operational forces.  Because of this, there is no need to employ specialist CBRN personnel, which immediately reduces both training and personal management costs.

The systems can use virtually any type of sensor, from any manufacturer, including meteorological, chemical, biological, radiological, positioning or video, to mention but a few.   Based on a modular and open architecture that allows users to change sensor configurations over time in response to changing threats all units are also fully integrated from fixed, mobile and also ‘the soldier’.

The AWR system is robust, weather-protected, Electromagnetic Compatible (EMC)/High Power Microwave (HPM) and designed for use in harsh environments. It can be installed in headquarters, camps and vehicles, as well as on hand-held computers.

The AWR siIt is shaped on Saab’s recognised Safir Battle Management System, which is designed to meet military communications and management requirements. The AWR system also supports international standards such as ADatP-3 (NATO Message Text Formating System), ATP45 (NATO Allied Tactical Publication, Reporting Nuclear Detonations, Biological and Chemical Attacks, and Predicting and Warning of Associated Hazards and Hazards Areas) as well as JC3IEDM (Joint Consultation, Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model), to make it possible to exchange warnings and reports with other forces.

[The AWR system is robust, weather-protected, Electromagnetic Compatible (EMC)/High power Microwave (HPM) and designed for use in harsh environments.]