Saab Grintek Defence to provide South African Navy with TactiCall System

Saab´s local South African Defence and security company, Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) has been awarded a contract by Armscor (IMT- Institute Maritime Technology) for a TactiCall Integrated Communications System, which will be used to enhance the existing communications network at the Navy’s Silvermine Maritime Domain Awareness Centre (MDAC).

The contract, was signed as a result of a live demonstration during a recent joint exercise and a close working relationship between the South African Navy and Saab that spans back to the 1990’s.


TactiCall, which will be installed at Silvermine by the end of May 2016, connects different communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware, enhancing efficiency, overview and increasing operations tempo. The current system being installed can be further developed into a much more advanced TactiCall solution. A more advanced system will connect personnel across all communication media, including radios (Tetra, HF, VHF and UHF) and phones, and creates a central control point for public address and general alarm (PAGA), closed-circuit TV (CCTV), video conferencing and non-directional beacons (NDB).

“The TactiCall system makes communication easier, more efficient and is platform-agnostic, ensuring that no vessel or station will ever be out of contact with other sites,” says Hein van den Ende, Saab Marketing Executive: Maritime for Sub-Saharan Africa at Saab. “The system integrates a multitude of different frequency bands, networks and radio equipment into one central user interface solution that makes communication easy, secure and seamless.”

The system connects all communication elements through a single IP network, creating ‘TactiCall Nets’- virtual talk groups with unlimited users to ensure efficient communication at all times. The central user interface supports a broad range of push-to-talk (PTT) and audio devices, meaning that new clients can still use their existing infrastructure, avoiding many costs traditionally associated with migrating to a new system.


TactiCall is managed via the Operator Control Panel, with a web-based application enabling the operator to manage the system via the internet. It supports user tasks by providing the operator with feature short cuts, and is also priority-based, so filters out functionality not needed at any particular time. In the future the solution could be upgraded to also include key features imperative to military operations, including secure voice separation with multiple levels of security.


“Our vision is to see all MDACs along the Sub-Saharan coastline connected with TactiCall. This will enable task- coalition- and special force operations, military arms, air force, marine detachments and even civil and NGO agencies to communicate effectively with each other to keep the continent’s coastlines safe,” says van den Ende.


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