Saab Grintek Defence inspires young girls with interactive career day

“Not knowing what to expect, I greeted this day with a slightly wary approach.    Needless to say, I threw caution to the wind upon entering the glass doors.” These are the words of Danita van Heerden who was welcomed to Saab South Africa’s local head office in Centurion, along with forty- five girl learners from various schools in Gauteng.

These pupils were visiting Saab as part of the South African business community’s annual Take a Girl Child to Work-day. The interactive experience that was offered to the girls saw them being treated to career advice as well as valuable insights into a specific company.  The purpose of this was to furnish the group with knowledge and information about anticipated career paths and options. 

Saab South Africa, with its specialised focus on defence and security technology, draws particular interest from pupils who plan to follow a career in engineering.  What was however highlighted on the day was that a career path at Saab doesn’t need to be pigeon-holed to include those in the engineering field alone.

Evelyn Motsatsing, Vice President and head of business support at Saab Grintek Defence, career coach of twenty years and author of Work That You Love: Your Career is Your Creation – addressed the girls in what proved to be an outpouring of knowledge and wisdom in the field of career selection.

“We want to empower young girls and arm them with knowledge that brings to light new and exciting career paths to choose from when considering their futures,” says Evelyn.  “Everyone is born with natural abilities and talents and together with skills; these can be matched to existing problems in society.”

Learners were taken on a tour of the Saab facilities and afforded the opportunity to observe defence and microwave amenities.  In addition, under the insightful guidance by Dr Dirk Baker, the group was shown the anechoic chamber, which is a room kitted with sponge-like pyramid spikes, where antennae and frequencies are tested.

Apart from inspiring a career path, Saab’s involvement in Take a Girl Child to Work Day, also inspired learners on an aspirational level.  Danita van Heerden describes her experience as an amazing opportunity that afforded her a magnitude of information.