Saab attends Modern Airports Africa in Kenya

The conference and exhibition focused on future airport technology which included automaton, security, border control, passenger processing, air navigation and air traffic control. The conference was considered to be one of the highest ranked sponsor sessions IQPC organisers has seen in quite some time.

Mike Gahan from Saab Sensis was given the opportunity to run the Air Traffic Control workshop at the conference as well as hold a speaker’s position on Airport Surveillance-new technology, multi-use.

Mike’s presentation did exceptionally well, receiving a 4.7 out of a maximum score of 5 for its content. 

Johan de Clerk from Saab South Africa also presented Saab’s offerings in the form of a display on the SAFE system at the exhibition which attracted important delegates and received an enormous amount of interest in the system offering, especially from the African countries which have an urgent need for new technology.

Saab is breaking into the wider African market with cutting edge technology, and there is only scope to expand further.

We look forward to attending more successful conferences on the African continent in the future.