New Swedish Ambassador visists Saab in South Africa

New Swedish ambassador to South Africa, Anders Hagelberg, visited Saab Grintek Defence in Centurion this week.

Anders Hagelberg was joined by Swedish defence attache Col. Bengt Degerman and Mr K.Persson from the Swedish embassy in Pretoria. The purpose of the visit was to present an overview of Saab´s business in the Sub Saharan region and provide an update on the Gripen programme in South Africa. The visit included a demonstration of the locally developed LEDS system.
“We were happy to see the new Swedish ambassador to South Africa visiting our Saab facilities in Pretoria. There are strong and long standing government relationships between Sweden and South Africa and it is important that our ambassador has a good understanding of Saab´s business and our product portfolio offered to South Africa and the world. An open dialogue and a strong on-going relationship allows embassy representatives to promote Swedish business in the region", says Magnus Lewis-Olssson CEO Saab Grintek Defence