Meet Saab at the Training ad Simulation for Homleand Security Conference, 25th-27th September

AMD is hosting the 2013 "Training and Simulation for Homeland Security" conference at the SANDF Centre for Conflict Simulation in Thaba Tshwane Pretoria over the period 25 to 27 September 2013. The underlying theme is the "World Economic Crisis".

It is common wisdom that "soldiers must train like they will fight". The more realistic the training, the more likely soldiers are to fight like they trained, that is, effectively and without of hesitation. The biggest problem with providing operationally realistic training is of course cost: major field exercises can be prohibitively expensive. This trade-off between realism and cost, however, has been substantially altered by the rise of ICT technologies: cutting-edge military simulations provide impressive realism and immersion at the fraction of the cost of field exercises.

At Training and Simulation for Homeland Security you will hear about training and simulation technologies, as well as live training, from major defence, military and high-tech industry stakeholders from across Africa and the world. The focus will squarely be on training - the challenges, recent developments, changing needs - with simulation as the key enabler.