Capable & Cost Effective Field Infrastructure for Peacekeeping and other Missions

Saab Grintek Defence’s (SGD) Support Solutions Division provides integrated mobile Field Facility infrastructure turnkey resolutions. 

Whether the requirements are part of peace keeping missions, national border security, search & rescue or air transportable field hospital infrastructure, SGD is able to design and provide capable and cost-effective field infrastructure resolves.

Our modular solution designs are adaptable and suitable for multi purposes including the provision of accommodation, medical life support facilities, communication, and security as well as maintenance services. Our broad-based support concept, offers life support equipment and service through all the phases of medical procedures from prognosis through to the medical operation, patient recovery and patient discharge.

SGD combines and adapts transportable solutions (fixed/mobile/air) to minimize cost but simultaneously maximise functionality that is best suited to the unique African environment.  Our hands-on approach and experience in providing diverse camp solutions have afforded us extensive knowledge on improving and securing life in the field.

Saab Field Facilities services also include the installation and commissioning of solutions that extend into parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.