While education is a basic human right for all children in South Africa, quality education is not always available in schools situated in informal areas of settlement.

Friends of Education (FOE)

FOE is a special project started by Navy officers in Cape Town who voluntarily teach extra Maths and Physical Science classes at selected township schools. Masiphumelele is one of the project’s beneficiaries and with additional financial assistance from Saab, has managed to increase its matric pass rate from a dismal 30% when the project started in 2006 to over 80% by 2010.

Thaba Tshwane schools tutoring

Similarly to FOE, Saab employees have voluntarily embarked on a similar project in schools in the Pretoria region that look after the educational needs of the children of South African soldiers. While not many soldiers can afford to provide their children with additional tutoring in areas of specific need, this programme aims to bridge the gap in the subjects of maths, science and English.