Defence advacement Military Veterans' website

The initiative of establishing the Department of Military Veterans forms part of government’s commitment to support and recognize Military Veterans for their contribution to bring about the realisation of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Africa.

The Department of Military Veterans is to initiate and manage all Military Veterans affairs through overall coordination and facilitation of all activities of government and the private sector. Key to this facilitation is the visibility of the Military Veteran’s on a platform owned and run by themselves.

Saab South Africa funded the establishment of the Military Veteran’s official website which allows for military veteran’s to register themselves and attain information that is relevant to them i.e. events, this day in history, and news.


The defence industry is increasingly finding itself in shortage of skilled individuals, either losing them to more glamorous industries or irrelevant vocations. A need to therefore create a pool of possible future resources is essential and the recruitment process must begin at secondary education level.

Siyandiza is a flagship social responsibility project of the South African Air Force (SAAF) with the main objective of introducing flying as a career to high school learners from mainly previously disadvantaged areas identified by the SAAF.

The project receives financial injection from the SAAF budget and other industry stakeholders like Saab and is key in ensuring adequate  recruitment of personnel for the SAAF’s future.