CANSA Cancer association of South Africa

Cancer remains a complicated and life threatening disease which affects  millions of South Africans. Saab has supported efforts of the Cancer  association of South Africa (CANSA) since 2000, assisting in its efforts to educate South Africans about the disease, research towards treatments and possible cures.

Saab South Africa joins the fight against cancer in participation and support of:

 Saab Takes Part in CANSA Relay for Life 2013

Saab once again sponsored the well-deserved organisation, CANSA Relay for Life which took place on Pretoria’s military fields on the 16 March 2013.

The purpose of CANSA relay for life is to educate, unite, and support those communities who are suffering or who have suffered with the loss of a family member/friend from Cancer.

Even the week before the CANSA relay, Saab employees participated in a number of events, fund raising for the Cansa relay.

The event began early Saturday afternoon with an opening act from the South African military, performing a mock exercise, showing how they catch abalone smugglers. It was then followed by a group of women participating in a survivor’s dance. At sunset, luminaria bags with candles were lit to light the way for those who have lost loved ones against the battle of cancer and to those who are still fighting as well as to those who have won their struggle against the disease.

Saab employees showed great support when they gathered together in branded T-shirts and bandannas and Saab would like to thank all of those who took part and contributed to the fight against cancer.