Precise navigation, piloting and docking software QPS Qastor

Qastor is a precise marine navigation, piloting and vessel docking software, primarily designed as an ECS for marine piloting operations. Qastor has also proven to be a useful navigation tool in several other fields including Ship Trials, Oil Rig Positioning, Inland River Barges, SPM Approaches, Ferry Operations, Oil and Gas Tanker Approaches and Docking, Patrol Vessels and Tugboat Operations.


Navigating any vessel can be a challenging operation, especially when the mariner is facing difficult conditions like heavy traffic, dense fog or strong current. As ships grow ever larger, the challenge inflates.

A “state of the art” ECS software application like Qastor, fed with reliable and accurate positioning and orientation data, offers the mariner a tool that can greatly improve his situational awareness, thereby easing the navigation task.

Using wired or wireless methods, Qastor interfaces to most devices outputting NMEA data strings to AIS transponders/receivers and to the QPS Connect Server, which is currently supplying meteorological data to Qastor users, but also capable of distributing other types of information.