Ground combat indoor trainer

Small Weapons Indoor Trainer


The Ground Combat Indoor Trainer is a modular and scalable system that can be combined in several configurations to cover Small Arms, Anti-Tank Weapons, and Remote Weapon Systems to match customer requirements and objectives. The main system features highly realistic weapon replicas, a close-to-real-life virtual environment, high accuracy, and ease of use.

To be well prepared for today’s increasingly complex missions, troops need a continuous training capability to become familiar with their equipment and to develop required skills.

Saab’s Ground Combat Indoor Trainer combines our extensive experiences in live training, weapon replicas, and virtual simulation. The result is a system that covers skills training from an individual level up to a platoon level for small arms, as well as anti-tank and heavy calibre weapons.

Highly accurate and realistic

The system provides highly accurate training in varied scenarios. Sensors monitor the exact handling and skill of the gunner in real time for accurate after action review.

The training weapons are exact replicas with a unique solution for realistic recoil. All types of weapons, from pistols to anti-tank weapons, can be replicated and used.

Close-to-real-life virtual environment

The virtual terrain covers urban, desert and jungle environments, simulating weather conditions and day/night scenarios.

Integration ready

All simulation systems from Saab are prepared for integration into our Integrated Training Environment. Together with the integration of legacy systems, this provides new training values and more efficient use of training assets.