Radars at the forefront

Saab’s Giraffe family of surface radars offers a wide range of land and naval radar solutions for ground based air defence and surveillance. Giraffe radars have protected nations and forces for decades and are continuously developed with Saab’s latest cutting-edge technology.

"With the introduction of our extended Giraffe range in 2014 our surface radar offer is complete and our new top-of-the range radars build on the proven reliable technology of our successful systems, says Anders Linder, head of Saab’s business unit Surface Radar Solutions. We’re constantly introducing new features like our recent low slow and small (ELSS) software which helps the radars detect UAVs and distinguish them from birds."

The latest additions to the radar family combine the functionality of Saab’s proven radars with extended range and the latest sensor technology. Giraffe 4A and Sea Giraffe 4A offer world-class ground based air defence and air surveillance paired with weapon locating capability. Giraffe 4A is in production and has been delivered to an undisclosed customer, having performed excellently in real operational scenarios such as Swedish military exercises.  With Giraffe 8A’s exceptional range, search volume and multi-role capabilities customers get the highest level of situational awareness and ballistic missile defence.

"Our Giraffe 1X and Sea Giraffe 1X short range radars cater to the massive demand on the market for lightweight, compact and flexible solutions for mobile forces, Anders Linder continues. These are so compact they can be carried by two people and can be used on small boats, high up in masts or on small pickup trucks or helicopters."

Giraffe AMB land radar and its naval counterpart Sea Giraffe AMB have been a success on the market for several decades.

Sea Giraffe AMB protects people and ships by keeping track of what happens in the airspace out at sea. Because it was developed to cope with the extremely challenging coastal conditions of the Swedish Baltic Sea coastline it has the capacity to handle any environment.  Customers include the navies of the US, Canada, Sweden and other non-disclosable customers, all with demanding needs.

Giraffe AMB is versatile and can be used for ground based air defence, protecting military forces, for air traffic management and for air surveillance, keeping societies safe by monitoring the skies. Its uniquely high mast for its class of radars gives Giraffe AMB excellent range. It has been and still is a great success on the market, with customers including the UK, Sweden, France, Estonia and Australia.

"Giraffe AMB’s performance speaks for itself, says Anders Linder. It has saved the lives of countless soldiers by providing warning against incoming threats and we have seen a dramatic reduction in fatalities during international missions where Giraffe AMB is used."

Saab’s weapon locating system Arthur is another proven member of the Giraffe family, with more than 80 units sold. The biggest customer is South Korea, where Arthur protects the nation by providing warning against incoming rockets from North Korea. In 2015 the South Korean Army issued a special award to Saab’s on-site support team for providing immaculate service 24/7 during an ongoing military conflict.

Saab has supplied over 3000 ground-based, naval and airborne sensor systems to customers all over the world for the past 60 years.