RBS 70
short-range air-defence system

The man-portable RBS 70 short-range air-defence system is designed to engage and
destroy low-flying air targets at ranges up to 8,000 m. The missile is laser-guided, which practically rules out any possibility of the guidance system’s jamming. As the guidance system is unjammable and very accurate, the target destruction probability is extremely high.

RBS 70 is a highly mobile system. It can be moved to a firing position by a three-man team, and just two crewmembers are enough to operate it. The system can either be linked to a radar or an optical sensor, or operate autonomously. The IFF Mode 3 and 4 identification system is used to distinguish between enemy and friendly aircraft. The add-on BORC(IR) module allows the RBS 70 system to be used at night as well.

The RBS 70 system was delivered to the Army of the Czech Republic in 2005 and issued to one battalion of the Air Defence Regiment in Strakonice.