multi-purpose weapon system

Although the man-portable 84 mm weapon system was developed almost seventy years
ago, it is still perhaps the most effective multi-purpose infantry weapon. It can destroy armoured vehicles, including tanks, landing rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, or enemy forces hidden in buildings and bunkers; however, it is equally effective and unbelievably accurate against enemy personnel in open

The Carl Gustaf weapon system is presently used by more than 40 armies across the globe. Its ongoing improvements have resulted in a substantial weight reduction and new types of ammunition have been developed as well, expanding the already broad enough range of potential uses of the versatile weapon system.

Its armour-piercing ammunition can penetrate ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) the thickness of which is 500 mm. Other types of ammunition are designed to destroy buildings and lightly armoured targets; they can also be fused for a delayed explosion which occurs when the warhead penetrates into the building. Anti-personnel ammunition can be used to engage enemy forces in open terrain or hiding behind obstacles or in trenches. The whole range of “combat” ammunition is complemented by illumination and smoke rounds and naturally also several types of training rounds.

The Carl Gustaf weapon system was delivered to the Army of the Czech Republic in 2004 and issued to ground forces.