The Czech Republic is one of Saab’s key markets, which is why we at Saab Technologies have been recently building a strong background and organizational structure for our further expansion to Central and Eastern European markets.

In addition to the company’s best-known flagship, JAS 39 Gripen supersonic aircraft, the Czech Republic also uses other systems manufactured by Saab AB. The Army of the Czech Republic uses the ARTHUR artillery fire control and weapon locating radar, RBS 70 short-range air defence system or Carl Gustaf multi-role weapon system, special training systems and unique camouflaging products.

Saab Technologies s.r.o. is the official business agent of Saab AB in the Czech Republic. People at Saab Technologies are looking for ways how to implement products of Saab’s entire portfolio in the Czech Republic and how to provide maximum possible support to Czech customers during and after the acquisition of our products and services.