Public safety and security SAFE emergency response

SAFE Emergency Response

Police and rescue services are keeping people and society safer with SAFE. This one seamless platform manages public security and safety emergency missions; empowering users to make more informed decisions, faster. 

Imagine a large fire in the middle of the night, a car crash on an arterial road in peak traffic, or child having an asthmatic attack. With every second saved, people can be rescued and property protected.


With SAFE, emergency response services can simultaneaously access a common situation picture to share intelligence and streamline resources. 

Those on the front line have access to information as it unfolds (in real-time); integrated communication, advanced resource planning and decision-making tools. The force is well prepared, having assigned the right resources, at the right place, in time.


SAFE's simple user interface fed with real-time intelligence and problem-solving processes reduces operator fatigue and stress loads. Decisions are based on fact and made faster.