Tactical Subscriber Station 3000 One interface for all communication


Extremely flexible communication and control unit for use on-board any type of navy vessel.

The TSS has a compact layout with a 7 in IPS LCD display and touch overlay. This enables operation with optimal viewing angles and extended backlight control for very dark or bright environments. It has been designed with special focus on low power consumption, silent operation and usability.


The TSS provides all the necessary information on the available communication nets and their state.The TSS is a Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) product based on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technology. Therefore, the system is guaranteed to be a high quality product while still being cost effective.

Feature list

  • Compact and ruggedized
  • Low power consumption and fanless
  • Easy to install and mount wall- or flush mounted
  • Designed for embedding in Saab 9LV console
  • User friendly operation
  • Cusomized console integration
  • Excellent audio quality