About Saab North America

Part of the global Saab Group, Saab North America is the regional corporate entity for the United States and Canada. 


For over 40 years, Saab has partnered with North America's federal governments, militaries and commercial sectors to provide defense and security solutions. Our broad portfolio, which we tailor to meet regional customer needs, includes ground combat weapons, missile systems, camouflage products, radars, electronic warfare capabilities, and aircraft after-market support.


Saab North America is comprised of:


Among many other solutions, we have supplied:

  • Radars and sensors to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and U.S. State Department (as prime or in partnership with major U.S. OEMs)
  • Training systems to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy SEALs, and U.S. Marine Corps
  • Signature management products to the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Ground combat support weapons to the U.S. Army Rangers, U.S. Navy SEALs, and USSOCOM
  • Advanced aerostructures to the 787 Dreamliner and other programs
  • Runway situational awareness systems to the FAA


Among many other solutions, we have supplied:

  • C2 systems to the Canadian Navy
  • Radars and sensors to the Canadian Navy
  • Ground combat support weapons to the Canadian Army
  • Signature management products to the Canadian Army
  • Transponders to the Canadian Coast Guard
  • Maritime traffic management systems to the Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority
  • Electronic warfare systems to Top Aces, a contractor for the Canadian Department of National Defence's Contracted Airborne Training Services

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To make people safe by pushing mental and technological boundaries.


Our mission describes how we work to achieve our vision. By improving and updating technological systems and solutions, we increase security in society, for its citizens and for those whose job it is to maintain security. We also contribute insight into how threats to our security change and develop innovative new solutions that make society secure.

Our Vision

It's a human right to feel safe.


Since Saab was started, we have strived to keep society and people safe. It is a basic human need to feel safe and, as we see it, a human right. Through systems and solutions that increase security, we can make this possible.

Our Values

At Saab, we share values which are inherited from generation to generation, and reflect the company's soul.

  • Trust: We are global citizens, honest and reliable and we keep our promises.
  • Expertise: We combine knowledge, skills and constant learning.
  • Drive: We have a passion for innovation, and we are open to change and are committed to being fast and flexible.

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