MCMV 80 Mission focused and flexible

The Baltic Sea is filled with thousands of mines, the first ones being laid out during the first Crimean war in the middle of the 1800:s. Ever since, The Royal Swedish Navy has taken on the task of clearing the sea from mines. The experience gained in these operations have been continuously invested in the MCM ships and naval systems from Saab.

Ensuring confidence in the minefield

Today a wide variety of mine types are deployed in waters all around the world, and many of these are highly advanced. This creates new demands for enhanced Mine Countermeasures (MCM) Systems.

With Saab, a long-time supplier to the Royal Swedish Navy, we will empower our offer with decades of experience in designing and building world-class Mine Countermeasure Vessels (MCMVs), and the toolbox needed to clear your waters and ensure mission success. You will get access to competence gained from for example:

  • Design and production of full composite ships with low signatures that are shockproof, like the MCMV 47 of the Swedish Landsort and Koster class, as well as the Singaporean Bedok class.  All well-proven, around the world
  • The combination of world-class competence in stealth, multi-role capabilities and composite like the Visby class corvettes
  • Hybrid construction (steel/composite), with the superstructure and hull built in different materials, like the Singapore Navy’s Littoral Mission vessels

This, together with a good track-record of a well-integrated toolbox, such as unmanned vehicles, makes us a reliable partner, ensuring you confidence in your Mine Warfare challenges.