Saab and Damen at NIDV

Thursday, November 15th, Ahoy in Rotterdam will be filled with military personnel, politicians and senior executives from the defense and security industry - joining together for the annual symposium of the Dutch Defense and Security Foundation (NIDV)

In addition to the symposium, more than 130 companies exhibit and several break-out sessions take place, discussing the most important security themes of this era. The question to be addressed at this year’s symposium is:


"Is the entire Defense and Security industry sufficiently adaptive, proactive, future-proof and flexible?"


This marks a particularly relevant theme in relation to the Royal Netherlands Navy substitution programs, where Saab and Damen are in the race to provide the substitute for the Walrus class submarine.


One of the advantages of our new submarine concept is the modular construction. This means that systems or subsystems can be replaced relatively easily, during the life cycle of the submarine. This is an essential condition for (cost) effective maintenance during the lifetime of the submarine. In this way submarines can be provided at any time with the latest  techniques. The modular design is one important advantage of how we address the adaptive need of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Our joint approach includes many more.


Curious about the way in which Saab and Damen are adapting to the rapidly changing circumstances in the defense and security industry? Welcome to visit our joint stand at the NIDV symposium!


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