British ambassador support Saab-Damen

- Ambassadors visit from UK and Sweden in Vlissingen

In September 2019, the British and Swedish ambassadors visited Damen’s in Vliessingen to show their interest in the Saab-Damen proposition for WRES. The visit from the British and Swedish ambassadors at Damen in Vlissingen shows the strong ties between the (British) Royal Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), the positive relationship from an industrial corporation perspective between Sweden, UK and the Netherlands, and that larger defense projects are international by nature.

The British ambassador expressed the exclusive support of Saab-Damen’s proposition and exclusive access to British submarine technology. For Saab and Damen the expert support from Britain in order to develop the best solution for the Royal Netherlands Navy and potential export opportunities is key. Both governments allows export of modern submarine technology. The combined submarine knowhow from will create a state-of-the-art conventional expeditionary submarine.